“How much better to heal than seek revenge from injury. Vengeance wastes a lot of time and exposes you to many more injuries than the first that sparked it. Anger always outlasts hurt. Best to take the opposite course. Would anyone think it normal to return... […]
“Wealth is What You Don’t See. Spending money to show people how much money you have is the fastest way to have less Money.” M. H. Quando entendemos o significado do SER dentro da filosofia, podemos ampliar nossa visão de como estamos vivenciando nossa existência. É claro... […]
“Two kinds of people are good at foreseeing danger: those who have learned at their own expense, and the clever people who learn a great deal at the expense of others.” Baltasar Gracián O que a filosofia pode dizer da exposição de forma exacerbada que estamos... […]